About Us

Neetoo Industries MauritiusAbdool Rahim Neetoo is the founder of Neetoo Industries & Co.Ltd

He was a metal-worker who worked in his backyard at Aile Dore Street, Port-louis, and then, in 1956, moved to Coromandel where he opened a modest shop making iron fences and theft-proof bars for residential homes. Then later on, his sons established the Neetoo Industries & Co.Ltd, which was to become a decade a major enterprise of its kind in Mauritius with over 200 workers on its pay-roll, and a pioneer and leader in steel products, namely; steel and galvanized pipes,metal furniture, playground equipments, aluminiuim openings, garage doors,roller shutters and fencing.

Infact Neetoo Industries & Co.ltd was the first company in Mauritius to make steel and galvanized pipes and chrome plating. However the enterprise he started took new heights, and has continued to grow and has become a celebrated name in business and industry in Mauritius. Abdool Rahim Neetoo passed away in 1978 and his business was carried forward by his four sons; Twaha, Reshad, Imran and Anwar.